Cable Tie & Fixings

We specialize in offering a wide range of Cable & Wire Ties. These products are available at the most affordable prices and can also be customized as per the specifications mentioned by the esteemed patrons.

Standard cable ties are supplied in natural or black nylon 6/6. We supply wide range of standard cable ties to support variety of cable bundle diameters and to apply in wide range of cable management requirements.

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Technical Information

Polyamides are among the most important thermoplastic synthetic materials.Thermoplastics can be reshaped by heating as often as required without undergoing chemical decomposition or other negative changes.

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Cable Ties Inside Serrated

Available in a wide range of materials, thesecable ties all feature internal serrationsallowing for a positive hold onto cable, hoseand pipe bundles. The design of the headguarantees a high tensile strength whilst allowing a very low insertion force.

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Cable Ties Outside Serrated

Designed originally for the automotivemarket these ties are now being used inmany areas where thin-walled or softinsulation wires and cable are being installed, e.g. railways, aircraft, data cable installations, electronics.

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Releasable Cable Ties

Used in a wide range of industries these releasable and reusable ties are ideal where temporary installation, or, the addition or removal of cables is required, e.g. Theatres,outdoor events or prototype harnessing work.

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Cable Ties Without Serration

In addition to offering a secure method of bundling cables the design of the KR ties make them ideal for use as a method of securing bellows on steering racks, water hoses and vacuum lines.

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Cable Ties for Direct Fixation

Designed for use with catenary wire the TAS system is simple to use and an effective method of installing cables. Typical applications are the suspension of cables between buildings, the support of satellite cables and installation of railway signalling cables.

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The AMT tie is designed for heavy duty application. The folding mechanism, which ensures tight locking, will not become loose under vibration conditions. Therefore in all safety relevant areas where vibration is normal, like in the Rail, Ship or Construction Industry this product is very suitable.

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Fixing Ties

With a diverse range of fixing possibilities this range of fixing ties are ideal for use in many different industries, for example:automotive, aerospace, white goods manufacture and panel building.

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Cable Tie Mounts

HellermannTyton use two different types of adhesive for self adhesive bases: acrylate and synthetic rubber. These differ in the operating temperature range and the 'pull off' force of the adhesive. Synthetic rubber has an excellent initial grip, allowing for almost immediate use.

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Fixing Elements

Offering simple and easy methods of securing cables or pipes these fixing accessories have many applications within a wide range of industries.

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Clips and Clamps

These clips are ideal for use in applications which are difficult to access, or for areas where self adhesive is the only possible fixing method (for example 'holes' would be unacceptable). The ASI clip was specifically designed for safe and secure installation of ASI bus lines.

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