Gorlan India aspires to be a reliable manufacturer of rotary scam switch, breaker control switch, AC switch disconnector, ON Load CHO DC switch disconnector to a wide gamut of industries.

Its global presence and deep knowledge of the local markets are enabled the group to develop a wide portfolio of products.

Rotary Cam Switch


  • Compact cam switch for 200A.
  • Multipurpose & easily accessible connection.
  • Mounting versatility.


  • Lateral access to terminal screws.
  • Positively driven operations.
  • Finger proof terminals.

Breaker Control Switch

Breaker Control Switch

Used to operate circuit breakers in a power circuit and applications where frequent operations are required.

AC Solution

Load Break Switch

AC switch disconnectors with high operating load capacity and reliable level of isolation.

Changeover Switches

On load changeover switches with high mechanical endurance.

DC Solution

Load Break Switch

Wide current rating: from 40A to 3150A, 1000V DC & from 500A to 1800A, 1500V DC.

AC / DC Motorized Application

Motorized Switch Disconnectors

  • From 125A to 3150A.
  • RS485 Modbus available.

Motorized Changeover Switch

  • From 125A to 3150A.
  • RS485 Modbus available.

Enclosed Solutions

Manual or motorized switches with different monitoring, control and protection options.

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